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these unusual clouds filling the sky. lynette, you told us before, these are pretty common occurrences after a storm system rolls through. >> exactly. momentus clouds. they're like udders of cows that they look like. >> what? >> exactly. and a lot of people think they're like gloom and dpoom type clouds. they're not. they're what you see with sinking air. >> they're really incredible. >> exactly. that's what they're called. look it up. i know you'll google it. rrt, guys, all right, guys, we'll definitely start the day out on a foggy note. look at this shot here, looking at the inner harbor downtown, and we are going to be seeing plenty of clouds across the area this morning. and this is going to continue right through the morning hours. we might see a few peeks of sunshine as we go throughout the day, but all in all today will be much like it was yesterday with the showers and thunderstorms still possible. so another unsettled weather pattern on tap for us. as we look at the satellite and radar, we see the clouds, we see the rumbles of thunder and the lightning that rolled through overnight,
a resolution to stop doing business in florida hoping it will change the law to allow people to use deadly force. >>> you will see more security near johns hopkins school of medicine because several employees have been robbed and assaulted in the area. according to reports, there will be more foot and bike a rolls along washington streets between 11 at night and 7 in the morning and there will be a increased police presence outside the student apartments on north wolf street. >>> 21 million dollars is on its way to curtis bay and senator mikulski is excited about the long lasting impact on baltimore's. [audio not understandable] >> it will enabled us to have jobs the next 4 or 5 years and lay the groundwork. [audio not understandable] >> it will be used to upgrade critical equipment like tugboats to break up ice. some will go toward the repairs of the eagle. 82 military personnel and more than 500 civilian workers work at the curtis bay coast guard station. >>> later today, prz obama is ex-- president obama is speced to sorn-- expected to sign a bill to slash interest rates on student loan
's ticket sales will go towards the gene kirchner memorial fund. >>> the western u.s. continues to burn as more than 50 wild fires are burning out of control at a dozen western states. one fire is a problem outside yosemite national park. it quadrupled in size triggering a state of emergency and massive evacuations. in the air and on the ground more than 19,000 firefighters are attacking all the fires and many times they are forced to fight the waw -- through walls of smoke. >> fire is over there and there's fire here. you are in the middle of the two coming together, okay. >> california's governor declared a state of emergcy and one of the problems they face now is the peak season for tourists. so there are people there who frankly don't need to be. they want to see the beauty but they are seeing the flames. and for that reason, they are asked to leave but some are choosing to stay. a lot of times you see scenes like this and we show you the video of the flyovers like what you are seeing. let's look at when's on the ground on the scene. kbu. , abc affiliate out of aust austin texas pos
militants on two police mi buses in northern cyanide left 24 policemen dead. the monday morning attack using rocket propelled grenades happened as the buses were driving through a village near the border town. three policemen were wounded and in cairo the egyptian military maintains a high presence following a weekend of clashes in the city streets. the military led government is pondering the next move after days of bloody conflict with supporters of ousted president morsi. stateside congressional leaders are trying to come up with a solution towards the u.s. providing financial aid to egypt. democrats wants to refrain from declaring it a military cue and a number of republicans say it's time for the u.s. to pull their money. also dim mats from the european union are meeting later -- later today in brussels and will talk about actions in response to the ongoing crisis in egypt. >>> here at home tomorrow will be one year since two people were killed at train derailment. almost 100 runners took pardonpart in 2 mile run to honor the lives of the 19-year- olds. the run helped both families beca
in millersville to tell us what his colleagues and constituents are saying about the latest arrest. >> reporter: with the second dui accusation, dwyer is not only being asked to step down by his constituents but also colleagues as well. he was arrested tuesday morning by anne arundel county police. officers say the car he was driving was swerving badly on route 100. this latest arrest is a little less than a year to the day when dwyer's boat crashed into a boat full of children. he pleaded guilty to drivingfuls under the influence and promised to go into the treatment. randy harbin says he's not surprised by this latest incident. >> i think it's ironic. there must be a guy, how else could this occur. it's the 20th of the month. thursday night would have been a year for me. i've been trembling, shaking coming up on it, picked up, moved on. keep your chin up for the grandkids and the wife who still suffers worse than i do, i believe. >> now the charges against dwyer won't get him kicked out of office because they're misdemeanor and according to the rules of the house will not keep him from servin
're responsible for about 20 robberies and carjackings. they are using people's cell phones. police showed citizens the trend of the robberies. >> it went right up the corridor. remington, camden, roland park, all the way up to northern parkway. >> after seeing that they say they are taking the cell phones and selling them at kiosks. >>> [no audio] >>> according to reports filed by the daily beat the obama administration is still not calling the unrest in egypt a military coo. however, the decision has been made to quote reprogram funding to the country. under america law should it be declared a coo it would be illegal for the u.s. to restore any financial aid until democratic government was established. while it sounds like semantics, designating the money is being programmed here. it allows the administration wiggle room to decide funding. it's been 6 weeks since they removed the country's president morsi. as for the affairs right now cairo remains under a a state of emergency. a dusk till dawn curfew is in place. >>> there will be an invest into the deadly trench collapse in anne arunde
around the world. the first involving the continued civil war in syria and the alleged use of chemical weapons by the syrian government on the rebel combatants. the white house, the state department expressed concern on wednesday following reports bashar alassad's regime used toxic gas to kill 130 people, including young children while they slept. the attack was said to have occurred in the eastern suburbs of damascus. the syrian government denies using those weapons as an artillery barrage, calling the allegations absolutely baseless. in the meantime the u.s., britain and france are demanding a team of u.n. experts already in syria be granted immediate access to the eastern district to investigate the claim of the attack. the remarks made wednesday, the white house said it was urgently trying to gather new information, and if proven true will hold those responsible for the attack accountable. also coming up egypt's prime minister has ordered the release of former president hosni mubarak after being detained for more than two years. mubarak will be held under house arrest as a conditio
of topics. a numb of us follow him on twitter. could that be changing for jones? roosevelt is live. >> reporter: [no audio] [technical difficulties] [no audio] >> we have having difficulty with roosevelt's audio at camden yards. we will come back in a few moments. you need to know happened yesterday. developments locally serious car crash annapolis, a 17-year- old boy is in critical condition, this happened on spa road and harness sunday morning. the boy was driving a volkswagen jetta,, fail to get around a curve and hit a tree. another car couldn't make the turn and crashed in to a different tree. police are saying both people were speeding. >>> a man is dead after a mowing accident near hagerstown. maryland state police say terry was mowing his lawn on a hillside when the mower rolled over on top of him and pinned him underneath. he was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. >>> a michigan doctor is behind bars accused of the unthinkable. misdiagnosing and mistreating cancer patients. prosecutors say it's a scheme to milk medicare for tens of millions of dollars. famil
a major shift in the war on drugs this morning with the u.s. facing massive prison overcrowding attorney general eric holder wants to scale back on the harsh sentences for certain drug related crimes. >> we cannot simply prosecute orincarcerate our way to be a safer nation. >> he says the proposal will ease prison overcrowding and save billions in prison costs. but others worry that easing the man todayy sentences for -- mandatory sentence for drug offenders can increase crime. >>> a hearing will be hemmed for a traveling hospital technician that is accuse forward hepatitis c outbreak. dozens of patients were infected because of tainted needles. david kwiatkowski agreed to plead guilty to 14 federal drug theft and tampering charges and could get 40 years in prison. >>> this morning howard county police are looking for a man who was seen in someone's backyard naked spraying himself with a garden hose. this is not something to laugh about. investigators say it happened sunday on thomas edison drive. once the man was spotted police say he possibly got into a silver suv and drove away. we wi
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9